Dr. Wachira's Profile

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Dr. Joseph Wachira,  MBChB, M.Med Ophthal (UON), Orbit and Oculoplastic surgeon.

Dr Wachira qualified as an ophthalmologist from the University of Nairobi and has undergone further training in orbit and oculoplastic surgery in India and Germany. He is a director at Nairobi Eye Associates and a consultant at Kenyatta National Hospital.  He is a member of the College of Ophthalmologist of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (COECSA), the Allergy Society of Kenya and is treasurer to the Ophthalmological Society of East Africa (OSEA) Kenya chapter.

 Dr Wachira has been a volunteer in the AMREF flying doctor program, taking eye care services to the marginalized areas of the country. He has participated in several surveys to map out eye care needs in Nairobi, Kwale and Kericho.

 His extensive knowledge and experience is brought to bear when examining patients to realize his vision of being one of the highest quality eye care providers in the region.