Dr. Oscar Muwale's profile

Dr. 2Dr. Oscar Muwale Onyango is a Consultant Ophthalmologist with subspeciality training in Vitreoretinal Surgery from the Ludwig Maximillian University and Herzog Carl Theodore Eye hospital, both in Munich , Germany.

He possesses a Bachelors degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Nairobi. Oscar also has a  Masters degree in Ophthalmology from the University of Nairobi. He holds a certificate in Basic Sciences from the International Council of Ophthalmology (I.C.O) and is also a recipient of the ICO International Fellowship Award.

Oscar is a Medical Specialist in Ophthalmology at the largest teaching and referral hospital in east and central Africa, the Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya. Apart from treating various vitreoretinal conditions, Oscar has a special interest in preterm babies who suffer from Retinopathy of Prematurity and is very active in its management. 

He is a member of the Vitreoretinal Unit in the Ophthalmology department. He is also a fellow of the FCOECSA (E.A) ( College for Ophthalmologists of Eastern,Ccentral and Southern Africa) and an active member of the Kenya Medical Association( K.M.A).